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MORE THAN A COWBOY follows Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone fight camp as he prepares for UFC 246 in his welterweight bout with Conor McGregor.

MORE THAN A COWBOY follows Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone fight camp as he prepares for UFC 246 in his welterweight bout with Conor McGregor.

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When Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone signed with UFC in 2011, he won the World MMA Award for Breakthrough Fighter of the Year. Now known as one of the UFC’s top fighters, Cerrone prepares for the biggest fight of his career against fellow UFC superstar, Conor McGregor at UFC 246 on January 18th. More Than a Cowboy: The Training Camp of Donald Cerrone is a mini-docuseries that follows Cerrone as he goes through the gritty and gut-wrenching process of preparing for a fight in the cage.

Directed by James Lloyd McKinney, More Than a Cowboy explores Cerrone’s seventeen-year history as a fighter. The series features interviews with Cerrone, his coaches and his family, and provides an inside look into his unorthodox training methods.

“MMA is a world that, despite its popularity, still has so much unknown around it.” said director McKinney. “When it comes to the lives of these athletes and the preparation it takes to actually lock yourself in a cage with another human being and say, ‘alright we’re going to fight,’ there’s a lot we as fans haven’t seen that we are hungry for. More Than A Cowboy is our chance to dive into that world outside of the octagon and see that preparation at the highest level with not just a UFC fighter, but one of the best fighters of all time.”

After two wins and two losses in 2019, Cerrone is looking to change the odds in the most anticipated fight of 2020. But head coach, Jafari Vanier, is confident in Cerrone’s ability to dominate the octagon. “If I look at the two, he’s got a lot more to worry about than we do,” says Vanier. “We’ve got multiple submission victories, head kick knockout victories…we just have to worry about a left hand and that first round.”

Episodes of More Than a Cowboy are currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Vimeo. Further episodes will be released each week, leading up to the unprecedented fight between Cowboy Cerrone and Conor McGregor on January 18, 2020.

More Than a Cowboy is a collaboration between Cerrone, director James Lloyd McKinney, WildImage, and Camera Ambassador. The executive producers are Dan Evans and Brandon Werlin. The producers are Logan Stone, Erica Duffy, and Brandon Werlin.