Julianna Pena: I am Coming with a Nasty Vengeance
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Julianna Pena: I am Coming with a Nasty Vengeance

Julianna Pena Interview with MMA Fight Radio


“Sometimes I think that I train too vigorously. You know they say some people train too much and I think I might be one of those people. It was a couple of months out from my fight and I was just going like I had a fight tomorrow or the next day or whatever. I was doing training and on Monday morning my computer had came out with an article that my opponent had wrote about me and right after I read it I put on my gym shoes and I ran to the gym and I did a hard, hard cardio session and a hard, hard leg work out and I took about a 45 minute break and went to the gym and literally stepped on the mat; hit the time clock and a minute later my knee was tore out. I was training with a partner and one thing led to another and I just tore my knee out completely and so it’s a bummer. It’s totally devastating. But it is just a minor setback for now.”

“I think that every time you step on the mat you are taking a risk. That is a risk that you are taking every single time. Injuries happen. In training injuries happen all the time. It was just an unfortunate injury and it led to my demise of not being able to fight in Dallas on UFC 171. I am super bummed about it. The surgery went great. I had a great surgery and they made me very confident in the fact that I am going to have a stronger knee than ever and I will make a full recovery. Right now I am just trying to stay as positive as I can. I have been doing rehab and it feels strong. I am trying to walk right now. I am not there yet but I will get there and it’s just getting better every single day.”

“The MRI that I took in Spokane showed that I had torn my hamstring off. But once they cut me open in surgery they realized that, that was not the case. The injuries that I have were a torn ACL, a torn LCL, a torn MCL and a torn meniscus and in Spokane it showed I had a torn hamstring and when  after the surgery they told me it just pulled and my hamstring was fine whoever my meniscus was tore all the way through on both sides. So now I have 3 beautiful scars running up my leg. I want to cry but I have already cried too much. There is no crying in MMA except when you are on The Ultimate Fighter and the whole world is watching you and then you should cry. But yes it has been a rough couple of weeks but you know it is getting better.”

“The UFC has been so great and so supportive of me. They made sure I got surgery with the best surgeon and I am working with the best physical therapists. I am on my way tomorrow to go back to Spokane but in the meantime I have been put up in a hotel and have just been going to physical therapy Monday, Wednesday and Friday and doing all my flexes and stretches 5 times a day and putting this tense unit on my leg 5 times a day and I have my Doctors appointment on Tuesday and the Doctor told me I can start trying to walk and put 50 percent weight on my foot. It really sucks though because when I try to walk with 50 percent weight I am so slow it is like really embarrassing. But otherwise I am like so fast on my crutches.”

Expected time frame to get back to fighting: 

“My timeframe in my mind is 6-9 months. I don’t think anyone would fault me if I needed to go a year. But in my mind I have 6-9 months and that is what I have been told too. I just want to make sure it is very stable and steady. I have had knee surgery before and I came back too early and I damaged my leg again on the other side. So I think that my biggest worry will probably be keeping me away from a gym and not trying to rush it too early.”

Prediciton on Rousey vs McMann:

“I am not kidding these girls get me worked up.  It is going to be a gut buster.  I can t wait to see it unfold.  May the best women win. In my opinion I think they are both just so magnificent and so it is going to be like fireworks. I want Sara to win. I think she has what it takes to win. I am just wishing her the best of luck and I hope that she can take it. If anything I think it will go to a decision. I think what it is going to boil down to this fight  will be the standup aspect;  so which ever girl works her standup better utilizes her footwork what have you, I didn’t mean to say footwork,  but utilizes her standup skills, I think is going to win. So hopefully Sara McMann is that girl.”

“I will tell you this; I tore my ASL and my meniscus in my other knee and after I was done rehabbing and whatever, when I was ready to fight again, I came back and won The Ultimate Fighter. So you heard it here first; once this knee is back in action and I am ready to go, everybody needs to watch out because I am coming with a nasty vengeance and I refuse to lose.  I am going to go get whoever stands in my way.”

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