MMA Fight Radio 9/7/17 Program Review

  This week’s host is MMA referee Ryan Brueggeman in his first solo effort. The rest of the staff was either on vacation or celebrating anniversaries so nice work Ryan! Continue Reading by Clicking the Photo Above please…… The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation World Championships of Amateur MMA   The first topic at hand was the IMMAF World Championships taking place in Bahrain. Ryan mentioned there are 74 federations with goal of unifying rules and pushing into Olympic Games. 70 countries could produce amateur MMA fight teams if given the opportunity. And, of course, the winner of tournament could leverage their position to earn a pro contract.   Many of these efforts are funded by the UFC in an effort to develop amateurs. The best way to open the door for MMA in the Olympics is for people to contact their senators and congressmen as well as the USOC and the Sport Accord. The Sport Accord is the umbrella organization for all international sports federations.   Has Jon Jones removed himself from the GOAT conversation?